Wombling Free

Veröffentlichung 2011

Katalognummer DRAMCD0069

Erstveröffentlichung auf CD. Booklet enthält einen Einführungstext von Mike Batt.


  1. The Wombling Song (Film Version)
  2. The Creation Of The World (Main Title)
  3. Edinburgh Rock
  4. Introduction From Minuetto Allegretto
  5. Introduction To The Womble Burrow
  6. Wombling White Tie And Tails
  7. Under The Hills And Not Far Away
  8. Madame Cholet (Film Version)
  9. Mr Roland Frogmorton’s Music
  10. Miss Felicity Kim Frogmorton’s Music
  11. Frogmorton’s Theme (Schmaltzy Hi-Fi Background)
  12. The March Of The Machines
  13. Exercise Is Good For You (Laziness Is Not) (Film Version)
  14. The Underground Garden
  15. Count Down And Lift-Off
  16. Womble Of The Universe (Not From Soundtrack)
  17. The Queen